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Regardless of the project, company or organization, the end result for the execution factor requires engaging your niche market and building public relations with the local and global economy. CVR Marketing & Public Relations was birthed to manage the dimensional equities required to get the word out and provide strategic planning, implementation and control for you.



These services generate qualified interest for psychological and practical buying to take place, thus rendering closings to promote sales, the final factor for buyers and sellers.


Public Relationships and more.

We provide services in-house and through a combination of affiliates dedicated to a similar vision that allows us to work cohesively as a family of businesses. We are located in the Georgia, USA market while servicing clients globally. We provide development training for prospective clients to assist them in creating and managing their vision as part of an inclusive culture geared at sustainable success.

Marketing, Promotion, Advertising

The core execution factor for your business relies on implementing strategies geared at your buyer. To engage your buyer you have to rely on marketing, promotion and advertising strategies to engage your niche market and client base proactively. We provide strategies to assist you in achieving your goals.


Your voice is your choice, audio theatre is part of your voice over choice to engage clients who love to read but are busy. Voice choices allow them to listen and engage your products. Click here to listen to one of our voiceover talents. We prescribe a talent-based recording to fit every need.

Web Broadcasting, Podcasting

Television and radio programs converted to podcasts through our theatre format is a key ingredient in providing your client and customers with content they can like, share and use every day.